After studying fundamental mathematics and several years spent traveling, I worked for 5 years in a theater school in Paris.

In 2007, I discovered the video and co-wrote my first reportage, about the Mekong development. In 2014, I decided to devote myself fully to the cinema and I integrate the Master of Documentary Realization of Lussas.

After a gradual politicization through traveling and reading, I started to be an activist in 2009. Since then I have been very interested in history, economics and geopolitics. Today, I see my commitment as the need to "shout louder for those who are struggling and can not shout".

Currently, I make videos and photos in the live performance arts (teasers, live recordings...) and I work on my film projects and with NGOs. In 2019, I finished my last film Happy Âphivoat! about economical transition in Cambodia, and I worked for several NGOs helping migrants in France for Utopia56, L'auberge des Migrants and in Greece with Wave-Thessaloniki, Drop in the Ocean, Medical Volunteers International and ReFOCUS Media Labs.
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